What are some good video ideas?
I need some help finding what to make a video on. Any ideas?

Just Be You
I don't know if this is just me but I feel like everyone has been hating on anyone who is just loving their  life. Those people are loving their life because  they are are being them selves. When someone is always getting picked on and people are always hating on them , it's hard for them to live their life. I mean think about the situation as if it were you think got that hate mail or got picked because of your clothes or hair or even your voice. If that were me I would change whatever I got hate for or I would change what I got picked on. Once you change that thing , you are no longer the old you. You have become a new you. It's hard for a lot of people to be themselves. Even for me , it was hard to be myself because I was shy and afraid of what people would say. Shy people have to try extra hard to come out and be them selves because they need to gain confidence. Just be yourself even if someone doesn't like something about you. Because I promise that someone likes you just for you. And alot of people hate on people because their "fake". How can someone be fake? If someone made a video then they are living. And sure maybe their personality is fake but people themselves are not. If someone's personality is fake then it's probably because of the hate they get or because they get bullied for their true personality. 


Why hate? What's the point? To let people know what thy did to you? To embarrass them? To hurt them so you feel better? In my opinion when you bully someone, or hurt someone, or hate on someone you're just showing them you care. You care enough to actually hate everything they do and bully them. I mean if you really don't like the person then don't spend your time ruining your life. When you waste your time ruining someone's life then your missing out on memories and fun times you could have had if you weren't spending your time ruining that person's life.

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Guardian Angel By Mindi J.

I’m standing there in the moment shocked with nothing to say. What was I supposed to say its kind of true but at the same time not entirely? Who do I go with my friend or my boyfriend? Now I know what everyone will say “go with your friend duh” but my friend isn’t really my friend she always puts me down. What’s more annoying is she always has to be doing something and constantly moving and asking “what are we going to do”.  I just don’t know what to do any more. I guess I should head off to school. Bye diary!

At school today this guy  Jack who’s so cute bumped into me in the hall today ah that glorious moment. I will never forget that moment. On our honey moon I will look back and say remember the time you bumped into me in the hall.  Then the rest of the day was the same old teachers and classes. Can’t wait for school to be out, I just want it to end. You won’t believe the drama this year. 

Writer's Block: National Pi Day
What digits I thought it was just 3.14. I'm confused. Oh well.
How many digits of pi have you memorized?

Writer's Block: Girl Scouts' Day
Lemon cookies
What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor?

Writer's Block: Bookmarks
What is the last great book you read?

Writer's Block: Do Not Forget
My Ipod
What do you never leave home without?

Writer's Block: Ties That Bind
I'm not popular but i have friends. I'm happy with the amount of  friends I have.
How many friends do you have?

Writer's Block: Singles Awareness Day
I love valentine's day because I love seeing what everyone got each other. But I don't like it because I never have a valentine or get anything besides from my mom.
Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?


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